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Grungy Paper


To make powerful content, you need to have a clear direction.


Our consultancy and development process is unique and highly effective in unpacking the core of your idea and finding the heart of your story.

We will will help you develop a unique audio experience by focussing on the specific relationship you want to build with an audience.


Over her 20 years in the audio industry,

Liz has worked in a range of roles from presenting Breakfast on ABC Local to producing deep diving documentaries for Background Briefing. 


She has worked on a number of podcasts for ABC, Headline and Mamamia including award-winning Still Jill and The Long Haul.


Our three x 2 hour sessions will take your from having a basic concept for a podcast to being ready to record.


We cover it all: clarifying who your audience is; style; format; purpose; marketing plan; schedule and budget.

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